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When a component is loaded on a web server all the sites hosted on the same server get full access to it. Posting a high security risk, as it might not be safe to give control to all web sites for a particular component. Examples include components for file and directory management, ODBC DSN management, registry management etc. So either you should compromise on your server security or the quality of service. Security is as important as much as you need to have an edge on your competitors and nobody can compromise on anyone of the two. What to do? How could you have security and functionality going together?
ASPFusion provides you with an answer. ASPFusion components are specifically designed to let security and functionality go side by side. They will work like all other normal components but restrict the user beyond the point of security breach.

Secondly you might want to include/exclude certain component in different plans or packages offered by you. As to charge higher for high level services and to diversify your packages. There is a great need for you to provide these value added services to the customers who are willing to pay the price for it. How could you turn on the components for websites you want to have it? How could you block others from accessing the components?
Again ASPFusion comes up with solution. With ASPFusion components you will be able to turn components on/off for a particular website.
Here ASPFusion comes in to play
ASPFusion has a perfect solution to the fore mentioned problems. ASPFusion comes with a security box and an administrative interface. It allows the host to turn each component's access on/off for individual websites hosted on a shared server. Optionally the web site host can drill down to control access of a single method of each component. We know that security is not meant to be comprised so ASPFusion components do not allow any security hazard. All file and directory operations are restricted to the FTP or WWW root of each website (you can choose), all ODBC operations are restricted to the ODBC DSNs created by the same website, all registry operations are restricted to a single point in registry and below. So ASPFusion components assure server security and do not have any security holes. At the same time host can charge each website while turning a component on for them.